Hi! I'm Alison! I'm a 30-something, photographer, wife, and mom of two. My studio is based in Southwick, MA and I specialize in outdoor weddings & newborn portraits. I also photograph High School Seniors who are looking for unique & fun portraits to showcase their personality during their senior year.

I pride myself in being a small studio. This is because I want your wedding & portrait experience with me to be more personal. I remember my clients names, the details of their wedding day, how many children they have, the names of their children... I want to provide a service that feels more like a friendship than a business transaction. I mean why wouldn't you want a more personal experience with your photographer? You need someone you trust with you on your wedding day & someone who you already know & love that can capture those sweet tiny details of your newest addition. I want to be your photographer through all of your greatest chapters in life!

A few tidbits about me... I am a addicted to the beach, traveling, and icecream. Not necessarily in that particular order. I dislike running late & celery. I love camping & being in the outdoors. I hate to be nagged. My go-to drink is Jameson & Ginger and I share my birthday with my mom!

Are you looking for a photographer for your wedding, newborn or high school senior? I'd love to connect to see if we are a good fit!

Contact me at alison@alisonmariephotography.com