I recommend you bring the following:

  • Extra formula or pumped milk. Babies sometimes get hungry during newborn sessions. Always bring more than you think you need!

  • A pacifier. They are extremely helpful to soothe a baby into positions. Please bring one!

  • I have many baskets, blankets, headbands, and other items to use for your baby’s session, there is no need to bring any of these items!

Newborn sessions can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your baby and the session you choose. If sibling shots are a part of your package or you have added them on, we will do those pictures in the middle or toward the end of the session. Three hours is a long time for big brother or sister, so plan on having one parent or grandparent bring them late to the session so they don’t have to sit around. We will also do parent shots toward the end of the session.

It is very important that you try and keep baby awake the morning of your session, at least 1-2 hours before session time. That way baby will be nice and sleepy for the session. Please dress your baby in a button-up or zip-up sleeper with no socks and no onsie on. We do not want anything that goes over their head. Bring baby with a full tummy. Try to feed your baby right before you put them in the car so that the drive will put them in a good sleep and I can carefully remove them from the carseat when you arrive at the studio & hopefully start posing right away. 

I photograph babies in a diaper/cover, wrap or their birthday suits. Because of this, I keep my studio very warm to make sure baby is cozy & comfortable. I recommend parents dressing in layers because it can get HOT!

The majority of all communication before and after the session is conducted via email. Please ensure you check your email regularly and that the email I have on file for you is the best for communication about your session.

Still have further questions? Feel free to contact me! or email alison@alisonmariephotography.com