Alisonmarie photography photographs High School Seniors who are looking for unique and fun portraits to showcase their personality during their senior year. Do you envision yourself in a rustic country setting? Or how about showing off your favorite sport? Maybe you love to fish? Do desire the vintage look? Or is an urban location with brick walls & graffiti more your style? The options are endless and whatever it is that you are looking for, alisonmarie photography is excited to make it happen! If you can dream it up... let’s do it!

View our High School Senior portfolio HERE.

Things to think about before your session...

Yearbook photos • When do you need to have your Senior Portrait turned in to the yearbook staff at your school?  Some schools require you to turn in a digital file by a deadline.  If that’s the case, find out that date as soon as possible and be sure to schedule your session with ample time before that date.

Yearbook requirements • Does your school have yearbook posing requirements? Some schools require your yearbook photo to be taken in a studio setting, no hands allowed in the photo, etc. Please be sure to find out your schools requirements.

Location • Do you have a location in mind? What type of setting are you looking for? We will discuss the details of your session a head of time, so please feel free to share your ideas!

What to Expect...

Pre-session consultation. We will discuss the details of your session, such as location, outfits, items/props that you may be bringing, etc. This consultation is typically done in person at my studio, but it can also be done over the phone.

Arrive early for your session. We want to make sure you utilize all of your time in front of my camera to get the most out of your session, so it’s very important to arrive early and ready to go.

How long will my session take?  all packages include an hour to 90 minutes of coverage time.

What will we do? We’ll meet at our chosen location & chat a bit about some ideas you may have, some ideas I have, and other important details.  You may be nervous to be in front of the camera, but you really don’t have to be. I am very easy-going and casual. We’ll walk around a bit to different parts of the location.  I’ll stop once in awhile, ask you to do “something” or stand a certain way, and I’ll snap some photos.  You don’t need to be worried about what to do, how to smile, or how to stand – I’ll be there to help you the entire way!

To change or not to change? Feel free to bring a variety different clothing changes!  Before we start photographing, we’ll talk about what clothing you brought…different clothing looks best in different settings. Can’t decide on what to bring? Bring it with you and I can help you narrow things down.

Have props or items you’d like included in your photos? BRING THEM! I love props and they help define who you are. We will also talk about the props you may be bringing during your consultation.

How long until you can see your images?  Your images will be ready to view within 2-4 weeks of your portrait session.  I will post some of my favorites on my alisonmarie photography Facebook page within a 24hr period. You'll be able to view the rest of your images during your ordering appointment.

Are the Facebook images copyrighted?  Yes.  All images that are posted online (Facebook, blog/website, and gallery) are watermarked and copyrighted.  I do give permission for you to use a photo for your profile picture, but please do not remove the watermark.  Thank you! :)

Viewing & Ordering

An ordering appointment will be set up two to four weeks after your session. You will be able to see the images from your session, I’ll walk you through the ordering process, show you all of the products that I offer and help pick out items that are the best fit with your style.

High School Senior Photographer in Western MA