4 Reasons You Should Print Your Photos

September 9, 2019

It’s 2019. We all have smartphones with cameras that allow us to capture thousands and thousands of memories. The ability to take photos is SO easy. We can click (and re-click 37 times) to get the perfect pic in an instant. But when was the last time you actually printed one of those photos from your smartphone or from a professional photography session? You probably can’t remember. Most people view their photos, maybe post it to social media and eventually (hopefully) create a backup of it, but don’t actually print their photos. I always recommend printing photos to my clients, whether it be from your smartphone or from your wedding. Here’s why!

1. To Spark Your Memory

I’m about to date myself but here goes… when I grew up we had a 35mm camera and could only take 24 pictures per roll of film. We actually had to print our photos in order to see them and it took an eternity. Ok fine, maybe a week or just a few days but by today’s standards… an eternity! We were forced to print our photos but guess what? I have albums and boxes of photos from my childhood that I can now share with my kids and family. When I see and hold a photo, it lets me relive a moment (that I didn’t even know I had forgotten!) and tell the story behind it, which is priceless.

2. Technology Isn’t Fail Proof & Doesn’t Last Forever

As a photographer, I rely on technology all day every day. The first thing I do after a wedding or photo shoot is back-up my photos. It’s very common for me to have multiple copies of the same series of photos in various different places. Hopefully you do the same with yours! Heaven forbid your computer or hard drive crashes and you lose all of those precious memories! The best method to know for sure that you won’t lose your photos is to print them.

And we all know how often technology supersedes itself. Backing up your photos is necessary but the method in which we do it will probably be outdated in a few short years. You won’t be able to pass your old computer or USB drives down to future generations for them to try to go through all of your digital clutter. Getting your photos out of digital form gives them life. What good is a stored photo if you don’t ever see it? Your favorite memories are meant to be displayed on your walls!

3. Photos Make Great Home Décor

Finding artwork and décor for your home that you want to look at every day can be hard. Using your own photos as décor solves that problem. And who wouldn’t want to see beautiful images from their own wedding, gorgeous new baby, or a family session on a daily basis?!? Reliving your favorite moments is good for the soul.

Getting your photos framed or made into canvases is so easy and takes almost no effort!! All you have to do is download a photo app, upload pics from your phone or computer and in a few short days you’ll have your printed masterpieces to display in your home. Framed photos are reminders of the beautiful life we’ve been living. Plus it’s nice for family and friends to see photos (both old and new) of your life.

4. For Future Generations

Whether you already have kids or you’re planning on having them in the future, leaving behind boxes and boxes of photos is what parents do. HA! But seriously, someday your children, grandchildren, nephews & nieces, will want to look through those photos to get a glimpse of what your life was like and what you looked like… way back when. I mean, when we lost someone who is super important to us, what’s the first thing that we do?? Search for photos!!! Printing your photos and storing them properly, will ensure your legacy and memories of you and your family will not be forgotten!

Printing Tip: Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Who posts their life on Instagram?? Yep. We all do! I print my professional quality photos of my family often, but I started to notice that I was NEVER printing the quick moments that I captured on my phone. Some of those captures may not be the best quality (yes, I’m a photo snob. It’s part of the job), but they still evoke feelings that I want to remember. I found this really awesome thing called Chatbooks! I have an app right on my phone that links to my personal Instagram account and every 60 photos, it automatically takes them and puts them into a 6 x 6 soft cover book for $10!! They include captions and dates on the pages and it basically tells a little story about your day to day life. You can customize your books by choosing a photo for the cover, excluding certain photos and more! I love these little books so much and my kids LOVE looking at them as soon as they come in as well! So go use social media to your advantage and check out Chatbooks!

Hopefully I’ve opened your eyes a little bit on how important it is to get those photos printed!! My goal as a professional photographer is not only to capture your most important memories, but also to provide my clients with heirloom quality products that will last a lifetime.

If you’d like to chat about the products I have to offer, or about printing your photos, contact me today!