Boudoir Photography. We’re Busting all of Your Lame Excuses!

July 23, 2018

Boudoir Photography. What is it? The term “boudoir” is the french word for bedroom. Boudoir photography is an intimate portrait of yourself and is an amazing experience every woman should have. It is all about you and changing the way you see yourself.

Western MA Boudoir Photography

As some of you know, I’ve been photographing boudoir clients “behind the scenes” for years (almost 10 years to be exact!). And after lots of soul searching and trying to figure out what I want in life, I’ve decided to change directions a bit with my photography business. GULP!!!! I’ve come to the realization that I absolutely LOVE boudoir photography & empowering women. Showing a woman her true beauty sincerely sets my creative heart on fire.

While I will continue to photograph weddings as they are my bread & butter, I’m going to be cutting back on photographing newborns & children in an effort to allow more time to build my Boudoir brand. I want to help you understand why I feel very passionate about boudoir photography. For the next 2 weeks, I’ll be doing a 2 part blog series dedicated just to boudoir!!!

Western MA Boudoir Photography

Busting Your Excuses about Boudoir Photography

I’ve heard TONS of excuses from women I know, whether it be friends, family, or prospective clients, as to why a boudoir session “isn’t for them”. Maybe you’ve thought about doing a boudoir session but you’re having some hesitations. I’m going to bust all of those lame excuses of yours and prove to you that a boudoir session is just what you need!

I’m a Mom, I don’t have time. 

Saying we don’t have time is one of the lamest excuses of all. We all have time. It’s just a matter of what we are willing to make time for. Make time for yourself! It’s EXTREMELY important! We can’t fill someone else’s cup if we don’t make time to fill our own first.

I don’t have a reason, I’m not in a relationship. 

That is totally ok. Actually it’s better than ok… it is fabulous! Because to be honest, a boudoir session isn’t for anyone else other than yourself! That’s right. This is a gift for YOU!

Don’t listen to those LAMO excuses your brain is trying to get you to believe!

I’m too old for boudoir.

Nope. Lame. It doesn’t matter if you are twenty-five years old or fifty-five years old. For me, I want all women to celebrate their uniqueness shamelessly. That truly means ALL women. Don’t put boundaries on yourself just because you “think” it’s not for you!

I don’t buy or own lingerie or have anything to wear. 

Me either. I get it. But you don’t have to even wear lingerie! Lingerie doesn’t equal sexy. During your consultation, we’ll chat about outfits and I can help you dress appropriately for your body type. My only recommendation would be to buy yourself one item that you feel absolutely amazing and confident in. The more comfortable you are, the more it will show in your photos. And you don’t have to spend a ton of money. I have found reasonably priced items ($15) on Amazon! You can find some outfit inspiration HERE or I can also send you some info as to where to shop!

I’m still building my client closet, however, I do have some items available for your use along with a few pairs of various sized shoes. Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered and we can work it out even if you don’t have anything to wear!

Everyone will see my photos.

Alison Marie Photography will always respect your privacy. Yes, I am going to take some really gorgeous images of you. And yes, I will be totally bummed if I can’t share them. But if you don’t sign a model release, I will not share your photos without your permission and I will not hold it against you. You feeling comfortable is of the utmost importance.

You don’t need to be a super model to enjoy a Luxury Boudoir Experience

need to lose weight. 

No you don’t. We are our own worst critics and don’t always see ourselves as others do. Someone thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are. Celebrate yourself as you are NOW! and I will show you just how amazing you really are!

I don’t look like other women you have photographed. I am not a model, I don’t know how to pose.

The women I photograph aren’t supermodels, they’re just like you and I. With good wardrobe choices, professional hair and makeup and my expertise with light and posing your photos will be stunning! I will guide you every step of the way, including demonstrating every single pose for you myself.

I’m nervous about posing/modeling in front of someone.

It’s ok to be nervous. Nerves mean you are outside your comfort zone. That’s where growth and self-discovery thrive. Embrace the nerves. I promise they won’t last long! You’ll have lots of time to relax while being pampered and will learn what a big nerd I actually am before we even start!

Also, I’m not judging (or even really looking) at your body. I know that sounds crazy, but as a photographer – that’s not my job. My job is to master posing, light, emotion, etc… So yes although I SEE you, I’m not picking you apart. I am actually always aiming to capture the best of you and therefore, that is what I see.

I don’t feel comfortable getting naked in front of strangers.

You don’t have to get naked. It’s all about my client feeling comfortable and I would never make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.

You are SO worth it!

I really want to do it, but can’t afford it.

We spend so much money on things like our kids activities, daycare, and household repairs that sometimes it’s hard to justify spending money on ourselves. We always find an excuse or a reason not to do it, something else is always more important. EVERY woman should have the ability to experience a luxury boudoir session. We don’t ever think twice about spending money on manicures, massages, clothes, purses, shoes, or even family photos… Do something just for YOU. Maybe save up for this experience? Skip out on coffee everyday and put money aside every week! There are ways to not break the bank. Plus I also offer different payment options to make this experience more affordable.

Boudoir Photography

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