Flora-Ly ~ Artisan Flower Preservation | Featured Vendors

June 4, 2018

This month for my Vendor Spotlight Series, I’m featuring Flora-Ly Studios! Flora-Ly is a boutique studio that creates contemporary custom botanical collages and artwork from your beautiful bridal flowers. How awesome is that??!! This is such a cool way of preserving your bridal bouquet (or would also make a great gift to any bride!) The owner Linda is an absolute joy. I met her last year at a bridal workshop and I knew right away that her work was so unique! I was in awe as she talked about her business and knew I just had to feature her on my blog! 

So let’s learn more about Linda, Flora-Ly Studios and take a look at some of the gorgeous artwork she’s created for her clients…

(C) Sandra Costello 2017

Tell us about Flora-Ly

Flora-Ly is a studio that lovingly creates timeless pieces of art from flowers that are part of the most meaningful moments of our lives. It is such a joy to talk with people about why certain flowers are precious and have meaning then translate that into a piece of art that will forever continue to evoke deep feelings.  Flora-Ly works with clients to create bespoke botanical collages with pressed flowers. I firmly believe pressed flowers have the power to transport us and make us feel connected to a time, a place, a person or an event.  That’s why I love my work so much.  I’m honored to preserve those moments for you – moments of warmth, connection, giddiness, grounding, love…

Flora-Ly Artisan Flower Preservation

What is the process like?

The process is so simple! After you book, I’ll send you a shipping kit with everything you need to get your flowers safely back to me within 24-48 hours of your wedding. About 6-10 weeks later, you’ll receive your beautiful artwork. Flora-Ly Studios is located in Orange, MA. But I work with clients from all over the U.S.


What inspired you to start Flora-Ly Studios?  

I was inspired by love, legacy and a vision for what could be. My mother’s legacy was in every pressed flower in her studio. I’m talking thousands, most of which she had grown herself.  My mom left me with every tool, notebook, and all the materials I would need to physically make the business work. Then as I looked around at other pressed flower businesses across the country I didn’t see anything that appealed to my aesthetic. I thought, I couldn’t be the only one who would appreciate a nuanced, contemporary view of pressed flowers. I knew it could be a joyous and beautiful business. Plus, how fun to work with people who want treasure the flowers they love, everybody wins!

Flora-Ly Artisan Flower Preservation

What is your mission?

My husband says my mission is make people cry. In a good way. I see my mission as two-fold… treasured flowers, one person at a time to create timeless artwork made just for them. Also to inform people that bouquet preservation is an actual choice. I so often hear, ‘I had no idea this even existed’.


What makes your studio stand out from other floral preservation businesses?

Flora-Ly Studios is known to be the place for bespoke, contemporary art with expertly pressed flowers.  I have a thirty year legacy of knowledge, trusted tools, secret paper, proven methods and a dogged approach to quality. I am an experienced multi-media artist, with a confident, contemporary aesthetic.  Each client, their flowers and botanical collage is approached as a brand new adventure in beauty, love and joy.

Other flower preservers call me the queen. I accept that with an appreciative smile. I know my stuff!

What goes wrong when other people do it?

Oh my, this is hard. I want to be kind, everyone starts somewhere. I’ve seen less than desirable results when people treat all flowers the same. All flowers do not press the same. A Rose doesn’t press the same way as say, Stock. Then there’s application. Step away from the hot glue. This not a pressed flowers friend. I’ve heard from people who followed a popular style maven’s directions to press their wedding bouquet. Their attempts did not end well when instructed to press flowers in waxed paper. Never, ever, ever press flowers in wax paper. Unless you want to do a mold experiment! I wouldn’t trust something so precious to a magazine article. I could go on.


What is your favorite part about your job?

That’s a tough one. I love so much of it! Talking with clients, learning about why their flowers are precious, their vision for their botanical collage, designing/making that dream come true. And then seeing or hearing of their reaction when they see their botanical collage for the first time!

But maybe secretly my favorite part is walking into the studio. Because walking in means another day of possibilities. Another day of color, flowers, light, joyous conversations, connecting with love and gratitude. I don’t ever want to take for granted that I get to do this work. That people trust me and they want to live with what I create for them. Seriously, my heart if full.


What is one thing you want clients to know about your business?

I will always treat clients the way I want to be treated, with care and respect. I really appreciate excellent customer service and I strive for that in my business.


Check out all that Linda and Flora-Ly Studios has to offer – You won’t be disappointed!!