Florida & The Magical World of Disney! #99 Check!

April 25, 2014

My husband and I like to do two “big trips” a year  – one in the spring & one in the fall. We try go to Aruba at least once a year, so for our 2nd trip we usually like to try someplace different. Since we had already planned to go to Aruba for our 5 year anniversary this November & we had some RCI points we needed to use, we booked a week stay at the Sheraton Vistana Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL. We booked it with the intention of relaxing by the pool the entire week. This resort was said to be very family friendly, with a ton of pools & playgrounds…. we thought it would be perfect to keep our crazy peanut busy for the week while still giving Mommy & Daddy some down time. I’m still always a little leery when booking places I’ve never been to before. We are pretty easy going, but I always expect the worst, so that I am not disappointed when I get there! The Sheraton Vistana did not disappoint! It was awesome! The rooms were recently updated & clean, the grounds were very well maintained, & the kiddie pool was amazing for our little one! The resort is smaller than it looks on the property map so we spent a lot of time walking around checking out the different areas. The market on the property was very close to our room so we’d walk to get coffee in the morning or some sweet treats at night!



the best kiddie pool EVER!!! Cailyn could splash around for hours in this pool! and LOVED playing with the water spouts!


We spent most of our time at the resort splashing in the pool, but we couldn’t resist bringing Cailyn to experience the magic of Disney. Especially when the Magic Kingdom was pretty much right next door! We also did a day at SeaWorld just to break up the week a bit!

Let me start by saying, I am not a theme park person. I don’t like crowds. I could care less about rides. The food & drinks they serve at every turn gross me out (corn dogs, cotton candy, chips, soda… blek!!)  This was my 2nd visit to Disney, so I knew what to expect. And yes, it’s cool to see, but waiting in lines and dealing with massive amounts of people feels like “work”. It’s just not for me. My idea of a vacation is sitting on the beach all day long with a cocktail in my hand! 🙂

Cailyn was such a little trooper. It took us longer than expected to actually get in the park, but she didn’t mind hanging out in her stroller people watching or having a snack while we waited in multiple lines. While in the park she enjoyed a photo in front of the castle (CHECK!! #99 on the 101 in 1001!), the carousel (twice), It’s a Small World, a parade, the Dumbo ride, & lunch along with some coloring at the Liberty Tree Tavern. That’s pretty much all we had time for before nap time! And she was pooped (so were Mommy & Daddy)!!

952B8205952B8206952B8273952B8281952B8286952B8289952B8297952B8320952B8325copya little Minnie lovin’!

952B8329952B8332952B8342SeaWorld was so much more up my alley (plus less crowded! Score!!). I am definitely an animal person. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist before I entered the art world!



Watching the “Elmo Rocks” show!


Her favorite part. Playing in the fountains. My little fish! 🙂


It was a good trip. All in all, Cailyn had a great time. Just enough of everything!! Plus, I got some cute photos to document our experiences that I’ll get to cherish forever! My favorite part! I can never get enough of that Florida sunshine though! Til next time!