Hartford City Hall Engagement | Amanda & Sean

I don’t photograph people inside often, but I am LOVING how this Hartford City Hall engagement session turned out!

To be honest, when Amanda & Sean asked me to do their engagement session at this location, I was a bit nervous! I am a natural light photographer, which means I use the sun as my light source. And most of the time when I am asked to photograph things inside (like church weddings), I say no. Not because I can’t or don’t know how to use flash, but because that is not my typical style. And every one of my clients deserve my very best work!

As luck would have it, Hartford City Hall has amazing natural light! It kinda reminds me of the Boylston Rooms with all those windows! (Check out this Boylston Room wedding!) And wow what a beautiful building! I am so glad Amanda & Sean asked me to step outside my comfort zone!

Choosing the Right Location

Amanda & Sean chose Hartford City Hall because they really love architecture and old buildings. Plus a lot of their friends are getting married right now and they wanted their engagement photos to look different. They felt this location was “very them”.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a location or an idea for your portraits that is meaningful to you as a couple. Being somewhere, doing something, or incorporating something you love into your session makes it more personal and will also make you feel more comfortable!

Don’t forget, I’m always here to help! I’m happy to help you brainstorm ideas you may not have thought about. I’m also totally open to YOUR ideas, like Amanda & Sean! I love trying something new!

Ugh that staircase though! Beautiful!!

After a quick outfit change, we did a few more shots inside and then headed out to find the front door.

Here’s where the magic happens. It was a rainy day. There were water fountains. I brought an umbrella. And Amanda & Sean were up for some fun!

My favorite couples are those that are willing to ditch the shoes, maybe get a little wet, and not worried about getting dirty! Those that are willing to let loose and aren’t so worried about their photos being perfect. Because those are the photos that actually end up being perfect!

Ready to plan your epic adventure or maybe your own Hartford City Hall engagement?? I’m happy to help! CONTACT ME or email alison@alisonmariephotography.com.


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