Julie Paisley’s Click and Chat {Washington, DC Cherry Blossoms}

April 15, 2015

A styled wedding shoot amongst the cherry blossoms in DC?? ummmmm…. Yes Please!!!

In all of my travels I have never been to Washington, DC. I missed my 8th grade school trip, so it has been on my (very long) list of travel “must-dos” for quite some time. When Julie announced that she would be doing some Click and Chat workshops in DC during the cherry blossom season, I jumped to sign up!! DC, cherry blossoms, Julie Paisley?? WHAT?! Not only do I get to go to DC (FINALLY) but I also get to meet & learn from Julie AND shoot an amazing couple with a bunch of other wicked cool photogs! win win win.  🙂

This was like my dream setting for a wedding. I am seriously in love with all the blooming trees this time of year, especially the cherry blossoms!! And how adorable is this couple? gah! love!

It was pretty chilly during the two days my friend, Brooke & I were there for the workshop. But our model couple were rockstars! I got some super amazing shots of them braving the cold for us (ok, more so the bride with her strapless dress… but the groom was still pretty awesome himself  😉 ). The Dress was provided by The Dress Theory, designed by Hayley Paige; Custom Hair adornment by All About Romance; Hair and MU by Lavender & Lipstick

Here are some of my favorites!!

ClickandChat-DC001ClickandChat-DC002ClickandChat-DC003ClickandChat-DC004ClickandChat-DC005ClickandChat-DC006ClickandChat-DC007ClickandChat-DC009ClickandChat-DC008ClickandChat-DC010ClickandChat-DC011ClickandChat-DC012ClickandChat-DC013ClickandChat-DC014ClickandChat-DC015ClickandChat-DC016ClickandChat-DC017ClickandChat-DC018ClickandChat-DC019More in a later post with some personal photos I took of the sights!