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This week on the blog, I’m featuring the extremely talented hair and makeup artists at KiSSandMaKeUp! Owner Pam and I have been working together for almost 9 years! WOW! She’s super talented and has managed to hire the best of the best to work for her growing company. Pam and Katie are my go-to girls for all of my Boudoir hair and makeup clients. I’ve blogged about Pam and her team before, but now I want to share their thoughts on Boudoir hair and makeup since January is all about Boudoir here at Alison Marie Photography!!!! Here’s what they have to say about the Boudoir magic they create for my gorgeous clients…

What do you enjoy most about working with boudoir clients in the Alison Marie Photography studio?

Pam:  I enjoy seeing women taking the time to do something for themselves. Most are busy with their jobs, some are busy planning their weddings, and others are mothers who just need some “me” time. I love being able to give them their “me” time. That time away from life, where they can focus on themselves. Also, I love seeing the clients nerves ease the longer they sit in the chair! I treat all my clients like a friend, I get to know them and their story and why this is important to them. By the time their hair and makeup is finished they seem more relaxed and excited!

But the most rewarding is that final reveal… when they see the final look in the mirror. The reaction fills my heart with joy. All my hard work is for that moment. The gasp, the smile, the excitement, the disbelief, and then the inquiries to be in their bathroom every morning to create the same look every day! 

Katie:  What I enjoy most about working with boudoir clients is helping to give them that fierce confidence they want for their shoot by helping them look their best! There’s an incredible transformation that happens after my clients see themselves all done up that just shines through in their shoot! At first everyone is always nervous but as we get to talking, they always relax and then the excitement in their faces and voices once they see the finished product is such a rewarding feeling! They always feel stunning and ready to take on their photoshoot when I leave them, and I love knowing that I helped with that!

How long have you been doing hair & makeup for boudoir sessions?

Pam:  My first boudoir session with Alison was around 9 years ago. 

Katie:  I have been doing makeup for boudoir sessions for the last 5 years and more recently in the last 2 years starting doing the hair as well.

If a client is unsure about the look they want to achieve, do you offer suggestions

Pam:  Always! We are the experts. We always listen to what the client has in mind and will always make suggestions if they are unsure of the look they’d like to achieve. If the client suggests something that won’t compliment them I will also give my expert advice to inform them that it may not be flattering and offer an alternative instead. In the end though, it is whatever makes the client happy. As long as I do my job to inform the client. 

Katie:  If a client is unsure, I will always suggest options that I believe will enhance their beauty. Often times I find that they trust me to take the wheel and do what I know will work for them. I haven’t had anyone who didn’t love their final look yet!

Any advice you can give to boudoir clients?

Pam: Come prepped for your hair and makeup! Clean hair washed the night before and no products the day of. A clean face free of any makeup. We love inspiration photos so we can get an idea of what you’re looking for. We often direct clients to our Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. Also, if you loved your experience with KiSSandMaKeUp, the best compliment is a referral 🙂

Katie:  Come with dry clean hair, a clean face, moisturize everything head to toe, bring multiple clothing/shoe/jewelry options, and bring some colorful lingerie that we can play off of and accentuate with the makeup! 

Thank you so much for your insights ladies! Hair and makeup is such a huge part of a Luxury Boudoir Experience with Alison Marie Photography and I value the professionalism and expertise you ladies provide to each and every one of my clients!

KiSSandMaKeUp offers makeup artistry and hairstyling for all occasions, not just boudoir! Check out for a full list of services and full Bio’s on Pam and Katie! Keep up the amazing work ladies!

If you’re interested in a Luxury Boudoir Experience with Alison Marie Photography, including hair & makeup, contact me for a consultation!


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