Massachusetts Bridal Boudoir Session

This Massachusetts bridal boudoir session was the best! A total mix of sweet and sexy!

Miss A did her session as a gift for her fiancee AND herself! These photos are the perfect representation of the fact that it’s not how much you show, but how you FEEL. Miss A did this so she’d be able to look back years from now and appreciate herself as she does now.

With Miss A’s veil, we were able to create a variety of poses that made several of the photos clearly bridal-inspired. But then we also were able to do some poses without the veil that are just simply timeless and beautiful. The white lace totally gives off the vibe and we did it all with using only one outfit!

With that being said, I’m always here to help with wardrobe suggestions! If you’re looking for some bridal-inspired ideas, just ask! In the meantime, trusty ole Amazon has some fun ones like this one (you all know how much I love a bodysuit!).

Thanks for coming in for your bridal boudoir session, Miss A! I know your fiance will love these photos as much as we both did! Congratulations!

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