Miss R’s Empowering Boudoir Session

Miss R’s empowering boudoir session reminded me that tattoos are so much fun to photograph! So many ladies think about doing a boudoir session and think, “that can’t be me. I can’t do that.” Well, I’m here to tell you that … YES! YOU! CAN! I am here for you for the entire experience, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. From what to wear, how to pose, I got you! I wanted to pass along some pro tips on how to make your session just as empowering as Miss R’s.

Pro Tips!

  • When to schedule your session: You should plan & schedule your session for at least 6 weeks out from the date you need your products by. For instance, if you need an album in time for your wedding day, you should plan 6 to 7 weeks from that date!
  • When to schedule your nail & hair appointments: If you plan to get a manicure and have your hair cut and/or colored prior to your session, don’t forget to schedule those appointments. Schedule hair for about 2 weeks before your session and nails 3-5 days before your session. Don’t feel like you need to have them professionally done (although that would be awesome!), just be sure they aren’t chipped, dirty, or broken.
  • What to wear? Maybe you want to have some fun and do a little shopping. Or maybe you have a clear vision of exactly what you’ll wear and have it on hand. Great! If not and you need a little inspiration, you can check out my “WHAT TO WEAR” Board for ideas or utilize the AMP Client Closet. I have a variety of styles and sizes for everything from outfits to shoes and am always happy to chat about ideas!
  • Moisturize your skin! Now would be a good time to start moisturizing every day to get rid of any dry skin. Just be careful not to spray-tan or use a heavy self-tanner within a week of your session. They tend to make your skin look orangey on camera.
  • What about hair & makeup? The day of your session, my hair & makeup artist will have you covered at my studio to make you feel amazing from the very start! Your makeup will appear heavier in person than it will be in the photographs and you’ll be wearing false lashes. But trust me, when you see your final images you’ll see the difference between the makeup in real life as opposed to what it actually looks like in an image.
  • Most importantly…relax! I’m sure you’re nervous, but I promise you’re going to have a blast!

Ready to book your own empowering boudoir session? Great! Contact me HERE.


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