MJ2Day Recap ~ Part 3

February 4, 2014

Alright, the final part to my MJ2Day Recap! Here we go…

Tuesday was Day #2. We focused on everything & anything business. One of the biggest things Melissa likes to highlight is that the photography business is 80% business and 20% photography. SO true. I spend way more time worrying about business related tasks than anything else! As I said in Part 2, I like to watch the way other photographers work, so I was looking forward to learning Melissa’s business side. We started with Workflow. Melissa went through her workflow checklist step by step, outlining the things she handles and the things her assistant handles and her turn around time. Made me want to hire an assistant ASAP!! 😀

Next we went over album design & sales, pricing, client meetings, blogging, vendor relations, getting published and the doozy… Website & Branding. dun dun dun.  I am excited to say I walked away with some pretty solid goals for 2014. The first on the list is overhauling my website & branding! I think I’ll save the details of this for another post, but you will definitely see some changes for alisonmarie photography this year! We also spend 5 mins with every person shooting each others headshots for our websites!

It was a pleasure meeting all of these lovely & talented ladies!! In no particular order, here are some shots I got…


























And some of me that the other attendees took…


While we were doing this, Melissa was also taking headshots of each of us, which you can see in her post here. I love that even dixie dog has her own spot!! 🙂

soooooo yeah. LOTS of information crammed into 2 days! It was definitely an experience & I’m so glad I did it! Not only did I learn so much from Melissa, but I loved chatting with the other ladies, learning about them & their businesses. I think that alone was SO valuable & SO awesome!

That wraps up my recap of the MJ2Day workshop. I hope you enjoyed reading (& possibly found it helpful) and I’m looking forward to incorporating more personal posts into my blogging! Til next time!