Ms. S’s Outdoor Boudoir Session ~ Summer River Minis

I’ve been wanting to try an outdoor boudoir session for quite a while now, but just wasn’t sure how to go about it or the biggest obstacle… “where”?!

Like everyone else, with everything going on, I’ve been trying to think of ways to shift my way of thinking and the way I work. I’ve always preferred shooting outdoors vs. inside so it hasn’t been too much of an adjustment in that aspect, but it gets kinda tricky when it comes to boudoir.

I like things to be as natural as possible (as in, something that you might do in real life), so having someone outside in the woods in their underwear or lingerie just seemed silly to me. Like who would really be running around in the woods in lingerie?? Well, maybe some people do.. but I’m sure it’s not something you would see everyday! Ha!

Back in the beginning of the year I was having fun with off the shoulder sweater sessions… so it reminded me, boudoir doesn’t always have to mean lingerie. A woman can be beautiful and amazing and sexy in anything she wears! In this case we combined a swimsuit and some water and BAM!! Instant hotness!

This outdoor boudoir session was super fun and did my soul good. Nothing beats being out in nature and letting my creative mind roll! Check out these amazingly sexy images with Ms. S!!

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