Reflection DJ | Featured Vendor

July 9, 2018

This week on the blog I’m featuring my first Wedding DJ! I’ve worked with Reflection DJ for years now, and I have to admit, I get excited when my couples hire them for their wedding! DJ Jeff really knows how to get guests up and moving, without being tacky and annoying. He’s a professional and definitely a DJ I recommend to all of my local brides and grooms. Here’s what Reflection DJ has to say about their business…


What inspired you to start your own business?

Reflection DJ began ten years ago with former members of the band Reflection. Jeff, Bonnie and Jim Janik all participate in this family business. DJ Jeff has extensive experience performing at weddings, anniversaries, fundraisers and corporate functions. Assistant Bonnie possesses excellent communication skills and Jim’s Electronic Engineering background at LEGO were all welcomed abilities for starting a DJ music business.

What makes your business stand out from other DJs?

Our DJ service is responsible for playing the music that is important to you and your guests. An extensive song data base and high-quality Bose speaker systems assure crystal clear sound reproduction at every celebration. We also provide a smaller system for a wedding ceremony and have the ability to send music wirelessly from the reception location to an outdoor social area. DJ Jeff’s motivational style and personality has also gained him an outstanding reputation.

Are there any other services that you provide?

Wireless battery powered LED up-lighting fixtures are available to accent the reception area with a color of choice. We have the technology to create first dance song mixes and wedding party introduction sequences. Song lists are also available to help you select songs for featured dances. All wedding details are finalized at DJ meetings and a script is generated for the big day.

What is your favorite part about weddings?

Our favorite part about weddings is to see the dance floor full with moms, dads, aunts, uncles and good friends dancing their hearts out to the music we play. We love to see guests having a good time!

What is one thing you want clients to know about your business?

We pride ourselves on excellent communication skills and we are extremely attentive to detail! We keep in contact with our brides and grooms via email with no delay in response time. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable day!



What tips can you offer couples hiring a DJ for their wedding?

  1. Ask if the person you are meeting with will be the DJ at your wedding.
  2. Find out if the DJ will be set up before guests arrive.
  3. Make sure the DJ will honor your “must play” and “do not play” lists.
  4. Ask if the DJ has a backup system for all electronics.
  5. Be sure to seat sound-sensitive guests further from DJ speakers.


If you’re planning your wedding and looking for a fabulous DJ, check out Reflection DJ! They are the absolute best!! I have worked with them on a number of weddings since 2010 and they ALWAYS get everyone out on the dance floor! I can’t recommend them enough!