The Importance of Having a Second Photographer | Pro Wedding Tips

October 1, 2018

I’m extremely passionate about a lot of aspects of my photography business. One of them is the importance of a second photographer (or shooter) at all of my weddings. I include a second shooter with each of my wedding collections, and for many good reasons. I often get asked by wedding couples if a second shooter is really necessary when photographing their wedding. Unless you’re planning an elopement or a small intimate wedding, my answer is always YES!!!

I can’t be in two places at once

More than likely, you and your groom are going to be getting ready at different locations. A second shooter can be sent to the groom’s location to capture all of the dudes before the wedding, while I’m with the ladies. Also, sometimes things need to be done simultaneously due to timing. For instance, I recently did a wedding where I had to send my 2nd back to the reception venue to shoot detail shots before guests arrived. I stayed behind with the couple to take portraits. I would not have been able to get those details of the reception setup had I not had a second.

To capture every moment and every emotion

There are so many things going on during a wedding. Unfortunately no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to experience all of it firsthand. A second shooter will be there to capture the moments that your main photographer might not be able to. Like the emotions of your parents as you say your vows and the expressions on your friends faces as toasts are being made.

More images

A second shooter will allow you to have two people documenting your special day, instead of just one. More images from different perspectives. Two different vantage points during the ceremony and reception! Having a second shooter is the best way to ensure your final gallery will include the most complete and best coverage of your wedding day.


There are also a multitude of benefits for me as the lead. My second shooter is my 2nd set of eyes and hands. Having them with me on a wedding day helps alleviates some of the pressure. They assist me with all of the family formals and bridal party shots, making sure people have their coats buttoned, paying attention to the little details, crossing shots off of the list, etc. They are able to capture moments that I may have missed if it was only me. So not only is it important to have a second, it is also extremely important to have a GOOD second. I don’t ever treat my second as if they are less than, because their role is just as important as the lead’s.

If you’re still unsure of having a second photographer, rest assured, I’ve done my homework when it comes to hiring mine! 80% of the time, my second shooter is my “work wife” and bestie Brooke! She owns her own photography business and our style of shooting compliments one another. I have a handful of other second shooters that I hire if Brooke is unavailable, who are also all professional photographers with their own businesses.


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