Southwick MA Boudoir Session | Behind the Scenes

May 23, 2022

Something a little different on the blog this week! Ashley & I teamed up for a “behind the scenes” Southwick MA boudoir session!

Ashley is the hair and makeup extraordinaire I get to work with on a regular basis for boudoir sessions. We have been empowering women together since 2020 and thought it would be cool for you all to see us in YOUR shoes for a change! So I asked my office manager to come in and help take a bit of behind the scenes footage (By the way, she had never been to one of my boudoir sessions before and couldn’t get over how relaxed and fun the vibe was. It was totally no surprise to me because, guess what? It is!) But that’s exactly why we wanted to do this. We wanted to show future clients what doing a boudoir session with Alison Marie Photography really looks like.

Before & Afters

We both snapped a selfie for our before shots and then got glammed up just like a client would at the start of a session.

Wanna see a hyper lapse of me getting my makeup done?? Check it out HERE!

Ashley Gets in Front of the Camera!

What is a “behind the scenes” session if I didn’t ask Ashley to put on one of the “scary” outfits?! (which, let me say it again, is actually NOT so scary!) If you’ve done a session with me already, you know I love to pull one of these 3 so called “scary” outfits for sessions! 😀 I also asked her to bring a bit of a different look (jean shorty shorts & fishnets), so we could also show that you don’t always have to wear lingerie for your session.

Ashley was a trooper and volunteered to jump in front of my camera so my office manager could take video of how I guide my clients into some of the poses I love to use in my sessions.

Want to see the behind the scenes videos? I’ll be posting them in my private Women-only Facebook group. If you haven’t visited me yet, head over here to join the fun!

And here are a few of my favorite final images!

Ready to book your Southwick MA Boudoir Session? Let’s do it! I’ll show you it’s not as scary as you think! Contact me HERE.