6 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

February 11, 2019

You’ve just gotten engaged and you’re about to start planning your wedding. Step 1: Set a wedding date! Sure, you could go with the more desirable summer, fall and spring months, but why not get married in the middle of winter? Few couples pick winter to say “I Do”, but I’m about to change your mind and share with you 6 reasons why you should seriously consider having a winter wedding!

You’ll save money

Since winter is a less desirable time to get married, many venues offer special seasonal or “off-peak” rates. If the venue you really want is out of your budget, you may be able to afford it if you pick a winter date. Some vendors will also offer discounted winter rates, which could save you money on other details of your wedding.

More romantic cozy feel

There’s no more romantic time of year than the winter. Cold weather is the perfect excuse to cozy up with the one you love on your wedding day! Sure you won’t be able to have an outdoor wedding in winter, but you will be able to have a cozy, more romantic and rustic feel especially if you choose a venue that has a fireplace. It’s all about the ambience and candles and twinkling lights can help you achieve it during the dark and chilly winter!

A Snowy Backdrop

My personal favorite reason for a winter wedding… SNOW! Snow makes an amazing backdrop for First Look and formal portraits. If you can brave the cold for just a little bit, the images will be amazing! Check out my blog post on a snowy elopement shoot I did at Acadia National Park in Maine!

Less competition for your date

Wedding dates during peak months can limit your pick of available venue and vendors, with so many other couples competing for the same weekend. I often hear that some couples are forced to bump their wedding out an entire year if the season they want is unavailable at their venue. Choosing a winter date will pretty much give you any choice of venue and vendor you want.

Your guests will look forward to it

In the winter months, there’s a higher likelihood your wedding won’t clash with another, which means more of your guests will be able to attend. Winter also tends to be a less popular time for travel and social events, another reason for more of your guests to be able to attend! And most likely they’ll be happy about it since they won’t be in the typical summer-wedding-overload!

A flawless & glamourous look

During the cold winter months, you’ll be able to wear more luxurious heavier fabrics, long-sleeves, fur or faux-fur cover-ups and more! Not only will your dress be fabulous, but you can expect your hair and makeup to look amazing too. With no humidity in the winter months, you can rest assured that your hair style will hold up and your makeup won’t melt off!

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your winter wedding, contact me for a consultation and be sure to read my blog for more wedding tips!