Pro Tips: How to Select the Right Wedding Photographer

October 21, 2019

So you’ve gotten engaged and now you’re searching for the perfect wedding photographer to document your day. Look no further, you’ve found Alison Marie Photography! HAHA! All joking aside, my photography style may or may not be the perfect fit for your wedding and not every photographer works the same. Figuring out what type of photography style you like while taking into account your indoor vs. outdoor wedding plans, will help you select the right wedding photographer!

Photography style: Natural Light vs. Flash

Generally speaking, there are two types of wedding photography. Natural light (use of sunlight) vs. flash photography. While both styles are great, they can produce very different end results. Flash photography tends to need a little bit more planning/set up and photographers own specific gear for that distinct style. Some photographers use flash all the time (indoor and out), some photographers use flash only indoors. I fall somewhere in the middle. Generally I only use flash indoors, but not all the time. Because I love natural light and natural surroundings so much, I even try to utilize the natural light when inside if I can. Obviously there are some exceptions such as indoor receptions when there is typically little to no natural light. I don’t ever use flash outdoors and I would categorize images shot with natural light to be more soft. With that being said, it’s important to look for a photographer that specializes in what you need based on your indoor or outdoor plans and what types of images you like. Here are a few examples of images shot indoors with the available natural light.

If you’re planning to say your “I Do’s” in an indoor space (such as a dark church) with limited natural light, a flash will be required. If you want dramatic lighting effects for your portraits, you’ll also want to choose a photographer who specializes in flash photography.

On the other hand, if your ceremony will be held outdoors (weather permitting), and you like a more natural and softer look to your wedding photos, you’d be best going with a natural light photographer.

The Beauty of Natural Light Photography

I define myself as a natural light photographer. There’s something so incredibly magical about being outside when you exchange your vows. Gorgeous scenery and natural lighting have helped me produce some of the most romantic and beautiful images. With that being said, I get that outdoor weddings aren’t for everyone! Tradition, weather and preference all play a major part in whether you have your wedding indoors or out. I’ve photographed plenty of indoor weddings over the years, and I’ll continue to do so! But there’s no denying that for me and my style, the best light comes from the sun. No artificial light or flash bulb that I own can compare to that beautiful ball burning in the sky!

The Hildene Estate Wedding

Sure, there’s always a risk of bad weather when you plan anything outdoors, but that’s why it’s important to always have a backup plan. Whether it’s a tent rental or an alternative indoor location, having a Plan B is a must. Learn more helpful tips and tricks to planning an outdoor wedding in my blog post 9 Common Outdoor Wedding Planning Mistakes.

I also want to add, you need not fret about overcast skies on your wedding day. The clouds actually act as a sunlight filter generating some nice even light. Which means I can essentially place my couple in any location without having to worry about any harsh shadows.

It’s important for you to decide which type of photography you want for your wedding day. And then find a photographer that specializes in it! Take a look at their website, go through their blog, but if you’re still unsure, don’t be afraid to ask your potential wedding photographer what type of photography they specialize in.

I’d love to chat with you if you’re searching for a photographer for your outdoor wedding! Inquire here