We’ve Moved! | NEW Studio location in Southwick, MA

October 4, 2019

I am so excited to officially announce Alison Marie Photography has a NEW and IMPROVED studio location! We’ve moved to a newly renovated retail space in the Southwick Crossing Plaza, right next door to Millie’s country store!

Alison Marie Photography – Southwick Crossing Plaza, Southwick MA

In August, a space opened up in the plaza and I decided to go look at it just to see if a retail space would be a good fit for me. I’m a big believer in everything happens at the right time in our lives. I’d been eyeing this location for awhile, so I just knew that I should jump on this opportunity while I had the chance.

After some sleepless nights, it was with very mixed emotions that I made the tough decision to finally take the plunge and move to larger place. I had an incredible 8 years at my home in the Kitchens of Distinction building. But over the past few years, Alison Marie Photography has been evolving and growing… thanks to my amazing clients!!!! I knew my business had outgrown the space there and it was time to follow those big hairy (scary) dreams!! Eeeeeek!!! Even though it’s been a bit emotional for me to close this chapter, I truly am over the moon to be moving on to bigger and better things!

I’m still in Southwick, just 5 minutes down the street from my old studio. I’m now located in the Southwick Crossing Plaza – 208 College Hwy, Suite H, Southwick, MA, right behind Dunkin Donuts! (Coffee AND photos? Whaaat?!)

The New Studio

When I first went to take a look at the new space, it was a completely gutted blank slate. This was kinda appealing to me because it meant I could make the space exactly how I envisioned it. I had my landlord build a small wall for privacy in the boudoir shooting area, new flooring was installed (which is amaze-balls!) and new fixtures in the bathroom. I’m so excited about how it all turned out! I’m still getting settled and need to get some new art work up on the walls, but here’s a little sneak peek!



The new studio has plenty of space! Not only is there room for a consultation area and boudoir set-up, but I can now also have a designated area for hair/makeup AND in-studio portraits! No more rearranging the studio! Yay!!

I also love that the new studio is at ground level and has parking directly outside the door. Super convenient for my clients!

I’ve had SO many ideas on the back burner at the old place due to space, that I can’t wait to get started on in this new location! But first things first, SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!!! I have always wanted to have Santa in my studio! Now that I have the space to accommodate people coming in and out with room to move, I’m happy to announce Santa AND Mrs. Claus will be making their first visit on Sunday, December 1st, 2019! And he’s the REAL deal. No fake beards over here!

For more information and to reserve your spot for your Santa Mini CLICK HERE.

I will be hosting a GRAND OPENING event in early December, so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement! In the meantime, go sign up for your Santa Mini (link above) or find out more about our boudoir services by contacting us HERE.