Planning an Elopement? Don’t Forget These 3 Tips!

May 20, 2019

If the thought of a big fancy wedding with 200 of your closest friends and family members isn’t how you envision your wedding day, you’re not alone!! More and more couples are choosing to elope because it makes more sense for them as a couple. An elopement is intimate, special and powerful. It alleviates a ton of pressure and planning worries and allows two people to enjoy the emotion of their ceremony without the frills or distraction.

Whether you’re short on time or a budget, overwhelmed by planning a large-scale wedding or have difficult family dynamics, an elopement might be the type of wedding that fits you best. Here are some things you’ll want to take into consideration if you’re eloping:

Realize that an elopement still involves some planning

It’s no surprise, an elopement involves far less planning than a large-scale wedding but there are still quite a few details you’ll want to plan!

  • Pick a date & place to say “I do”
  • Get a marriage license
  • Find an officiant and if needed, a witness
  • Make an appointment to wed and/or get permission to wed at your chosen location
  • Figure out travel arrangements
  • Buy new outfits for the two of you
  • Invite people – Yes you can invite people to your elopement!
  • Hire a photographer (more on that later…) and any other vendors you might hire
  • Purchase wedding bands
  • Order a bouquet and boutonnière

Don’t Forget to Tell Family First!

Whether your elopement is spur-of-the-moment or something you’ve been considering for a while, it’s really important to share the news with loved ones either before you tie the knot or immediately after. Leaving people out of the loop is the easiest way to end up with lots of hurt feelings. However, other than that, there are no rules! That’s the fun and freedom of eloping! Once you’re back from tying the knot, send out wedding announcements to let the rest of your family and friends know about the good news. Including photos and details is always a nice touch! Which brings me to my next bit of advice…

Don’t Skimp on Photo’s – Hire a Photographer

Just because you decide to elope, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on having really amazing photos that document your day. It’s so important to document your elopement… your loved ones who can’t be there in person will thank you after!! Hiring a photographer to capture your ceremony and those “just married” images will give you memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives.

Earlier this year I got to be part of the most beautiful Vermont elopement between Norah & Alex. I had already formed a relationship with them by meeting with them in person and photographing their engagement session. By the time their elopement came, we had become familiar with one another and it was a comfort to them that I was there.

You were our familiar face from home


Keeping the memories alive and printing photos from their day was so important to Norah. Family & friends got to feel like they were there by living the day through their album.

At the end of the day, photos are all we have


Bottom line, don’t leave the documentation of your elopement to a witness with a smartphone.  With the money that you are saving by eloping, go ahead a splurge for a professional photographer!

Being part of the intimacy of an elopement is something special. I love that we are freed from stressful timelines that often come along with large weddings and can just relax and enjoy the day. With an elopement, couples can take the day to really celebrate each other and not be pulled in 8 million different directions. And I love being there to capture all those special moments!

Planning an elopement? Don’t skimp on the photos! I’d love to capture your day! Contact me for a quote.