Intimate Boudoir | Miss J

May 10, 2021

The fabulous Miss J came to me seeking an intimate boudoir experience, finally taking some time for herself after all the crazy that comes with kids. I couldn’t wait to get these photos done since it was one of the first boudoir shoots with my new set! The previous set had a ton of red, black and floral, which was gorgeous but it was time for a change up. I’m really digging my latest backdrop. I LOVE me some jewel tones! The gold accents add just the right touch of luxe (ha! That kind of rhymes). I am constantly changing my studio around, using different backdrops and accents that way there is always some variety in my images and unique qualities in every session.

Yours + Mine = Goddess!

Miss J chose some gorgeous lingerie for herself, but also utilized the Alison Marie Photography client closet. Clients often bring a few of their own wardrobe items, which I highly recommend because then you can try them on in advance so you know you’ll feel comfortable in them. I know I say this all.the.time, but I can’t stress enough the importance of feeling comfortable in what you are wearing so that your confidence shines through. Once you are in my studio, I can pull items from my client closet that are flattering for your body type. Having other options on hand also helps my clients to think outside the box and consider items that you may not have considered while shopping. Combining both your outfits with items from my closet will create a look that will bring out your inner goddess!

As for Miss J? I think she completely nailed her look and ROCKED her session! My friends over at Honey Hair and Makeup highlighted her with a sexy smoky eye and dreamy cascading curls. The result? Totally. Fierce.

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