Miss A’s Maternity Boudoir Session

This maternity boudoir session just goes to show how amazing the female body is in every way, shape and form. I’ve been wanting to branch out a little in my sessions to show that literally EVERY BODY is beautiful. Miss A’s maternity boudoir session was the perfect way to showcase that.

Mamas looking for some time to highlight themselves is kind of my jam. I know pregnancy is not easy on a woman’s body (been there!), and there are times that you may feel, well, a little less like “yourself.” Growing a human can do that! I mean, you’re literally sharing your body. A boudoir session is a way to take time out for yourself to focus on just you time. And when you’re doing so much for others, the pampering with getting your hair and makeup done doesn’t hurt either! I love these photos because it shows how truly beautiful those pregnancy curves are.

It was also super fun changing up the wardrobe and poses a little to accommodate the pregnant body. I mean, I wasn’t going to have Miss A. hanging upside down off the bed. And the wardrobe was streamlined — Think light, draping, flowy pieces that were as comfortable as they were flattering.

Thank you, Miss A! I hope you love how these turned out as much as I did!

Hair & Makeup by the amazing Ashley Dunn.

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