New England Boudoir | Miss K

July 28, 2021

I’ve been trying to get Miss K into my studio for years to do a Luxury boudoir session. She FINALLY decided that now was the time and you know what? She’s psyched she finally did it! She should be … she totally embraced the session. She tapped into that inner confidence a lot of us don’t think we have but actually do.

Okay, let’s talk wardrobe. So many of us have an idea of what we think we look great in. And a lot of times we do! After all, feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing is half the battle. Because comfort = confidence and confidence = sexy! But this also sometimes means we get stuck in the comfort zone where we wear the same. Thing. Over. And. Over. (Granted, we’re probably not wandering around the house in the same old lingerie like we do sweatpants, but you get where I’m going.)

Miss K took advantage of the Alison Marie Photography Client Closet and used not one, but three, of my outfits! Yay! I love when clients try new things! She also came prepared with her own options and used one of those. I was super excited she chose to use my closet’s new chain bra thing — not an official term, but scroll down…. when you see it, you’ll know!! She was surprised at how much she liked the outfits that I suggested because she would not have picked those items out for herself. Another round of applause for breaking outside her comfort zone in more ways than one!

Miss K… a 49 year old mom of three AND a total smoke show!

Hair and Makeup

Holy cow, did Ashley at HONEY Hair & Beauty know what she was doing or what? The golden curls with the shimmery shadow … Stunning! I especially loved the texture and contrast of the curls against the white bedspread and jewel toned lingerie. Miss K said she wanted to still look like herself, just enhanced and Ashley delivered (as always).

AMP Client Closet

See?! I told you you would know it when you see it! I can’t tell which shiny new look I love more, the chain or the shimmering bodysuit. Both of these and way more are ready for all my clients. I got you!

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