CT Micro Wedding | Leah & Peter

August 2, 2021

Leah and Peter planned this CT micro wedding in lieu of a larger wedding in 2021 because, well, things have been just a tad unpredictable. As we were still coming out of Covid closures, this seemed like a safe bet before they have a larger party next February. It may not have been the wedding they planned from the very beginning, but it turned out pretty magical! Also, this got me thinking … micro weddings have a ton of benefits!

What’s a Micro Wedding?

I mean, kinda what it sounds like! Micro = small, so a small wedding. This usually means about 50 people max, so much more intimate than large-scale weddings. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise the traditions of a larger wedding. It’s like “Honey, I Shrunk the Wedding.” The same, just…smaller.

But Why?

So many reasons! I can’t tell you how many couples start the process of wedding planning blissfully free of worry and end up tense and stressed the closer their big day gets. That’s totally not how it should be! So to list just a few reasons…

Budget. You can afford to splurge for some pretty amazing food or bottles of wine when you’re not planning for 150 guests. Or if that’s not your jam, save the cash for the lifetime that follows the wedding day.

Quality versus quantity. You’re focusing on selecting the people you both truly value and who know you as a couple best. Those memories will be so special!

Intimacy. With fewer people, you actually get to spend time with each guest! Crazy, right?! Those connections really make the day.

Stress. For real, fewer people mean less money, less planning, less stress, less everything except joy!

Micro weddings may not be for everyone, but it’s something I urge every couple to at least consider. Smaller doesn’t mean sacrificing special. Leah and Peter’s CT micro wedding proves that!

Congratulations Leah & Peter! I got a ton of GREAT images in just two hours! Check them out below!

Venue: Mill on the River

Florals: Rachel J. Goldberg – Personal Floral Designer

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