Nightingale Events | Vendor Spotlight | CT Wedding Photographer

April 4, 2018

 Continuing our Vendor Spotlight series, I am so excited to share this next amazing business owner with you! Behind the scenes of every picture perfect day is the planner who put it all together. From design, to the oh-so-important timeline, and the coordination of each detail. Thank you so much for being such an important part of planning a wedding!
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What inspired you to start your company?

Hi!  I am Lisa DiBenedetto the boss lady of Nightingale Events!  I am a total romantic and love sappy movies and being immersed in anything to do with love.  As a young child I remember planning my weddings ..yes I said weddings!  I would make scrapbooks of each wedding and my parents would bring me to bridal shows and I just felt at home!  I started my company because for many years I planned parties and events and finally decided why not do this for clients!  Within a few months of starting my business I was flooded with inquiries and was loving every moment.
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What is your favorite part about weddings?

 My favorite part of a wedding is seeing the emotion my clients have when they see their significant other or the thought of seeing them.  I also LOVE when my clients have said I do and start walking back down the aisle.v I get the biggest hug and tears start to flood on both ends!  My clients make everything worth it!

What makes your company stand out?

I believe our company stands out because we are a company comprised of women who come from all walks of life.  We truly love making peoples biggest events special and feel every client is family and we want to make every detail perfect for them.  We would do anything for our clients for them to have the best wedding day possible.

Booking a wedding planner benefits:

I believe it is important for couples to understand that having  a planner not only helps them to enjoy the process but, also their vendors.  We are able to be the go to person. You can enjoy the big events without feeling like you can’t be in the moment.  When you work with us no matter where you are in the process we can step in.  Something else I think clients don’t realize is that we can help save you money!  Yes that’s right!  You might be paying us but, we can save you money in other areas by providing recommendations on vendors who will keep within budget or under!