Planning a MA Elopement

Part 2! Planning a MA Elopement. Since I’m right on the line of both MA and CT, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about how to elope in this area. You can see Part 1 – Planning a CT elopement HERE.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love elopements! In fact, they are one of my favorite events to photograph. I love that they are so intimate and really focus on the couple and are typically much more relaxed. Plus, I’m always happy to give tips on planning your special day, as well as offering some awesome outdoor location ideas. I see a lot of different types of weddings, so use me as a resource!

But First…Paperwork

Ugh, I know, I know. Applying for a marriage license isn’t exactly the most fun or glamorous thing, but it’s a necessary one. You’ll both need to go to the town or city office and complete a Notice of Intention of Marriage Form. The basics are required: birth certificate/passport, Social Security number, any name change planned and, of course, whatever fee the locality asks. Massachusetts does have a 3-day waiting period before you can pick up your marriage license.

Who’s Performing the Ceremony?

In Massachusetts, there are four groups of people who can officiate:

  • In-state Clergy Member
  • In-state Justice of the Peace
  • Out-of-state Clergy Member or Justice of the Peace
  • Someone with a 1-day Designation

Each of these groups have their own requirements in terms of paperwork, lead time and waiting periods. Read more on the guideline specifics HERE.

Hiring the Right Photographer

So obviously, yours truly is a great choice, ha! For real, though, it is super important that you find the right photographer who “just gets you.” I’m a big believer that as a photographer, I don’t just capture your day, I’m also your expert guide during the planning process. With the right fit, your whole day will run more smoothly and since you’re feeling relaxed, you photos will turn out the best.

Location, Location, Location…

That’s what they say, right? Guess what? It’s true! I can suggest a ton of great outdoor locations, but it’s really up to you to feel what your vibe is going to be. For elopements and intimate weddings, Massachusetts actually allows for ceremonies at some state parks. The Department of Conservation and Recreation has several listed here, as well as certain times during the year that have limitations. Aside from state parks, there’s the Cape, which is amazing for shore weddings, mountains and a ton of other options. I’m happy to help find the right place! One of my favorite elopement locations is Bash Bish Falls, which I covered on the blog earlier. I’m especially fond of that waterfall adventure elopement since it shows your day can consist of more than just the two of you if you want, while still keeping it intimate.

Ready to plan your MA elopement? I’m here for you! Contact me HERE.


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