Waterfall Adventure Elopement | Barbara & Anthony

June 7, 2021

When I chat with a client and they mention a waterfall adventure elopement, my first thought is “yes, please!”!!! But then I need to remember to ask where and when, because those are also pretty important questions too, ha!

Luckily, I was available for Barbara and Anthony’s elopement and (bonus!) it was at Bash Bish Falls. I am very familiar with this location and had just visited back in March for Catherine and Anees’ big day, which I covered on the blog.

Holy cow, what a difference a couple of months make! This winter, I was pretty in love with the dramatic contrast between the flowing water and icy rocks. Now, the lush greenery dripping from every corner of the forest made the falls feel like nature’s best kept secret.

Barbara and Anthony kept their waterfall adventure elopement small and intimate, making their love the focus of the day, which I just loved capturing. It was an up-and-at-em day, catching the early morning light. We met at the edge of the park pretty early in the am. Next, we to the falls where the ceremony took place. Check out the photo of Barbara changing from her sneaks into her bridal heels. It totally sums up her laid-back approach and transition into bride. Her hair and dress — so totally timeless. And did you get a look at Anthony’s mile-wide smile?

Congratulations you two! You have an amazing adventure ahead of you!

Interested in learning about more locations for an adventure elopement? I can help! Contact me HERE.