QuonQuont Farm Wedding | Sarah & Ben – take 2!

September 20, 2021

What’s better than a QuonQuont farm wedding? Getting to do it all over again! I mean, when something is super fun and turns out amazing, why not?? I love all my couples, but I have been hanging with Sarah and Ben since 2019 when I captured their engagement session at Woodmont Beach in Milford, CT. Who doesn’t love a beach (no one!) and to make it even better, it was the site of Ben’s proposal! How much cuter can you get?

Flash to 2020. (Um, not the best year for most weddings, but it made micro weddings a thing, which was awesome.) Like so many of my 2020 couples, Sarah and Ben made the hard decision to push off their larger celebration and have a more intimate micro wedding last August. So last year, they celebrated with immediate family at the gorgeous Quonquont Farm in Whately, MA and this year they got to do it all again! Same place, same couple, but this time they were surrounded by even more of their favorite people. All the feels!

I’m so grateful Sarah and Ben have chosen me to capture all those magic moments and tell their story. And enjoyed all of the laughs we have shared along the way.

What do you think, guys, should we make this an annual thing? Second anniversary, third wedding?? ? I’m up for it!

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