Small Wedding vs. Big Wedding | The Benefits of Having an Intimate Wedding

April 19, 2021

In the year since COVID started and the world shut down, it has certainly impacted the wedding industry. Things have shifted and more and more couples are interested in (or considering) the benefits of having a smaller, more intimate wedding.

I’ve heard COVID being used as an excuse to have a smaller wedding more and more. Like, “We don’t really want to have a large wedding, so now we can use COVID as an excuse to not have to invite a lot of people”. Listen, you don’t need to use COVID as an excuse!! Just have that smaller wedding! There is nothing wrong with having a smaller wedding, just like there is nothing wrong with having a larger wedding. What’s important is that your wedding day is what YOU want it to be. Let go of all that noise and everyone else’s opinions.

The Benefits of Having an Intimate Wedding – Less is More

Of course there are plenty of benefits to having a smaller wedding. For starters, the costs can be lower. Less guests could mean less meals to have to pay for. You can save money or splurge more on whatever it is that you value most.

Things can also feel more relaxed. A traditional large wedding day can go by in a blur due to a jam-packed timeline of events – hair & makeup, pre-ceremony photos, ceremony, post ceremony photos, 1st dance, toasts, parent dances and on and on and on. When having a smaller wedding, there’s a bit less pressure, you can slow things down and choose only the traditions that resonate with you.

You can be more adventurous. Want to rent an airbnb with your closest family and friends and then say your vows on the beach? Yep, you can do that! (Check out Abigail & Andrew‘s Microwedding in Cape Cod!)

Lastly, less guests also means more quality time spent with each individual guest. You can enjoy your day wholly and completely. Less guests, less money, more time spent with those you love the most. What’s more important than that?

A smaller, more intimate wedding isn’t for everyone, but hopefully this helps give you some more insight to the advantages! Happy wedding planning!

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