Luxury Boudoir Session | Miss P

April 12, 2021

After being referred by another photographer, Miss P reached out to me interested in booking a Luxury boudoir session. (Yay for referrals!!) We chatted on the phone so I could explain my process to her in a little bit more detail and she told me she wanted to do this as a gift for her significant other for Valentine’s Day, but also for herself. First and foremost, this is undeniably a gift to youself! Being able to gift an album to your significant other, is just an added bonus. 😉

Tips to Relax & Feel Your Personal Best

Nervous or uncertain about a boudoir session? Totally understandable! A boudoir session is all about releasing insecurities and embracing yourself. Feeling confident and empowered is what I’m all about! Done right, it can be an incredibly empowering experience! With all that said, there are some things to help ease nerves. When I’m confident, that’s when I’m feeling my personal best, so here are some ideas to help you relax and boost that confidence!

  1. Create A Playlist. We all know music sets the mood. Creating a playlist of your favorite songs may help relax and release your inner rock goddess (or whatever your jam is!). I’ll have the music going in my studio on the day of your session. You can sync up to my speaker or just let me know what your favorite genre is we’ll set the vibe!
  2. What’s Your Why? Remember why you’re doing the session. You may be focusing on “how” to do it, but the why is more important. What lead you to a boudoir session? Did you want to celebrate your body? Your relationship? Maybe you just wanted to push your comfort zone. Knowing that answer will help you focus and boost your confidence.
  3. Prep Yourself. Being prepared always helps. Try on your outfits ahead of time. Make sure you are comfortable. Get your nails done. Moisturize your skin. Drink all the water!!
  4. Talk with your photographer. I’ve walked clients through so many sessions. I understand the nerves and I’m here to help!
  5. Be Proud. Realize that not everyone has the guts to do this! Stepping outside your comfort zone is a way to grow. You got this!

Did this Luxury Boudoir Session inspire you to book your own? Contact me HERE.