Western MA Boudoir Session | Miss J

February 15, 2021

Wondering how to prepare for your Boudoir Session? Start early, and follow these guidelines as you start planning! While you’re looking over my tips, check out Miss J’s amazing Western MA boudoir session images!

Miss J came to me when her friend V recommended my luxury boudoir experience to her after she had one herself! She was looking at V’s photos and her first was reaction was…”wow those photographs are gorgeous….you are H O T”. And then the next response was…”I want to do it”!

She wanted to look confident, sexy, and relaxed in her photos – I think we nailed it!!!! Ok, on to the tips!

Wardrobe is KEY!

From the time of booking (at least 6 weeks in advance) your Western MA boudoir session to around 4 weeks prior to your session, you should be thinking about your hair, skin, nails and wardrobe!

Feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing is SUPER important. If you FEEL confident, you will LOOK confident. I highly recommend getting yourself measured!! Most women are wearing the wrong bra size. The proper bra size makes you look firmer, trimmer and is way more flattering. Also don’t let your pre-conceived ideas of what you think looks sexy on others cloud what makes YOU fell sexy when you are wearing it. If you don’t feel comfortable in a two piece outfit or even in lingerie then find something else that makes you feel amazing! I’m here to help with any wardrobe guidance you may need!

The women I photograph aren’t supermodels, they’re just like you and I. With good wardrobe choices, professional hair and makeup, and my expertise with light and posing – your photos will be stunning.

4 weeks before your session:

  • Have your outfits ready to go! Hopefully by this point you’ve decided on what you’re going to wear, but if you still need outfit inspiration, you can check out my “WHAT TO WEAR” Board for ideas. I also have a small collection of items in my studio that you can browse through.
  • Schedule your nail & hair appointments! If you plan to get a manicure and have your hair cut and/or colored prior to your session, don’t forget to schedule those appointments. Schedule your hair for about 1 to 2 weeks before your session and nails 3 to 5 days before your session.

2 weeks before your session:

  • If you’re still having a hard time narrowing down your outfit choices, it’s totally ok. Bring in everything. On the day of your session, we’ll lay it all out to view everything at once and work together to choose the best pieces for your shoot.
  • Moisturize your skin! Now would be a good time to start moisturizing every day to get rid of any dry skin. Just be careful not to spray-tan or use a heavy self-tanner within a week of your session! They tend to make your skin look orangey on camera.

1 week before your session:

  • Make sure you are still moisturizing and hydrating well!
  • Keep in mind your nails will be seen in the photos that I take. Don’t feel like you need to have them professionally done (although that would be awesome!), just be sure they aren’t chipped, dirty, or broken.
  • Oh and PS… your period isn’t an excuse to cancel a shoot – a little bloat doesn’t really show on camera.

The day of your session:

  • Make sure you eat a small but filling meal! Something that won’t make you feel bloated, but will satisfy your hunger. You’re going to burn a ton of calories posing during your session, you’ll need the energy! Also, stay hydrated!! Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.
  • Arrive with clean hair and a clean face! The hair and makeup experts I’ve hired for you will help you bring out your inner goddess and make you feel amazing from the very start! Feel free to bring inspiration photos if you’d like. Hair & makeup standardly takes about an hour up to 90 minutes. Your makeup will be a lot heavier in person than it will be in the photographs. Plus you’ll be wearing false lashes. You may be a little shocked when you look in the mirror (is that me?!!), but trust me, when you see your final images you’ll see the difference between the makeup in real life as opposed to what it actually looks like in an image.
  • Try to relax! I’m sure you’re nervous, but I promise you’re going to have a blast! Nerves don’t ever last longer than 10 minutes!

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