Westfield High School Senior Portraits | Billy – Class of 2022

Guys, how cool are these Westfield High School senior portraits? I’m not sure what the best part is: the car, the location, the lighting or the kid himself, because they’re all great! I think fall sessions are my favorite. Not just because of the foliage, but because the light always seems extra awesome during “golden hour”. It’s probably the way the sun reflects off all those yellow leaves giving this warm glow… but whatever the reason I LOVE it!

Senior sessions have come a loooooong way since my high school days. Seniors these days have no clue how good they have it, ha! Am I making myself sound old?! Anyone else remember those cheesy fabric backdrops and graduation year numbers they threw in (you know, in case you forgot which year you graduated)?

Now, with no real yearbook requirements, the props seniors can use are really limitless, and can actually reflect their own unique personalities and interests. Also, senior portraits are no longer just in a studio or on the school’s auditorium stage (thank goodness!). Outdoor sessions give you a ton of opportunities to make the pictures into memories you’ll hold on to for a long time.

Why Choose Products?

Billy took advantage of both the outdoor sessions I love doing so much and one of the products I love creating! His car is something he loves (and was also his Dad’s when he was a HS senior!), so I was extra excited when I found out he wanted to use it during his session.. because LOOK how cool it is!

Billy’s mom selected an 8×8 album to showcase his portraits. It’s a great way to display photos you’ll love for a long time, and not just a page in the yearbook. Plus it’s something that can be handed down as a great family heirloom.

Congratulations Billy on your senior year!! Check out some of my favs from his session below. And If you want to read more about the importance of albums, check out this past blog post.

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