What is an Adventure Elopement?

August 9, 2021

Adventure Elopement? What’s that?? Have you ever heard the term? What’s the vibe you get from it? Does it sound like it’s for adrenaline junkies who want to elope while sky diving? If it does, you probably aren’t alone. And sure, you can elope and get crazy and rappel down a waterfall. But that doesn’t have to be the case! And pssst … If you’re at all considering one, check out my blog post about some amazing locations ideas for a New England elopement.

What’s an adventure elopement? It’s just you and your partner getting married with whatever adventure you have in mind! Now, that’s a true elopement, but I’m seeing more and more couples have just a handful of people closest to them. And adventure means different things to different people, right? For some, it’s that destination elopement you’ve always wanted. For others, it’s simply taking the adventure of marriage to a scenic mountain or water view.


It’s all about you two. You can make the day however you please, without feeling any pressure to conform to anything or anyone. You plan the perfect day for you as a couple, which is really the most important thing in getting married!

No Drama. Did you have a run-in with a friend or relative? Feeling pressure by your parents or your soon to be in-laws with who to invite? Guess what? Not a problem with an elopement. There’s no drama, no hurt feelings.

Spontaneity. A larger-scale wedding requires so much planning that it leaves so little room for those magical moments in-between. Those are the moments I love capturing — real life, real love, the real you.

Budget. I mean, this kind of goes without saying, right? You’re going to save a ton, leaving room for you to spend your budget on whatever you want to wear and wherever you want to go! And sure, I’ll give a shameless plug for photographers … trust me, you WANT to be able to remember the day that is so specifically you. So don’t skimp on this, and be sure to hire a photographer that gets adventure elopements. (Cough, cough … like yours truly right here! ? )

Check out some photos from two recent Bash Bish Falls elopements I was lucky enough to capture this year.

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