White Mountains, NH | Personal Shoot

March 15, 2021

When I find fellow adventure junkies willing to join me in the White Mountains of NH for a personal shoot, I go for it! Jaime and Andrew are Marines who met in training back in 2015. They were both helicopter crew chiefs and — as if that isn’t cool enough — Jaime was at the Marine One helicopter unit for POTUS in D.C! They were long distance for 2 1/2 years before settling in Lowell, MA. Both full-time students, Andrew is an aspiring MMA fighter and Jaime is a defense contractor. I told you — all the cuteness! They’re getting hitched in October and I’m the lucky one who got to capture the natural snuggles while getting some major outdoorsy vibes against the stunning White Mountains of NH. Twist my arm!

The day started off with expert hair and makeup with Ashley over at the amazing HONEY Hair & Makeup before picking up my work wife and photog bestie, Brooke (thanks for the help planning and shooting!). We made the drive up to New Hampshire and met up with Jaime and Andrew at the Flume. If you haven’t been, stop reading this blog and GO! Kidding….keep reading but the next time wanderlust strikes, go check it out. It’s this magical natural gorge with boardwalks to maneuver and peek at the natural beauty of this place where all the good stuff lives. We wrapped up with some dreamy images against the frozen backdrop of Echo Lake. Catherine over at Delicate Creations added some sweet & whimsy with the eco-bouquet she created. It was a long day, but TOTALLY worth it!

Can I just photograph cool people in cool locations all the time?! Sign this photographer up!

Here are some of my favs from the adventurous day we had in the White Mountains of NH!

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