Bash Bish Falls Winter Elopement | Catherine & Anees

March 30, 2021

Catherine and Anees were their own location scout for their dreamy Bash Bish Falls winter elopement! Elopements are a fantastic way to tell your story; they can be outdoorsy, nontraditional, magical — whatever your vision is!

Even though you aren’t restricted by conventions, it IS still a day that requires some planning. That’s where I come in! Not only am I your photographer, but I’m also your expert resource!

Your Guide To Planning Your Elopement

Step 1: Narrow Your Vision

First, gather all those fun ideas you have floating around and put them in one place. This could be a notebook, a folder or — my fave — a Pinterest board. Check my photography Pinterest for just a few ideas! This should be a totally fun experience; it’s where you guys get to decide your personal style and what’s important to you on your special day. Think of it as a way of strengthening your bond and getting on the same page so your day is effortless. Some questions to consider:

  • What’s your favorite season?
  • Where do you want to exchange your vows? Are there locations that are meaningful to you? (Need ideas? I’m here to help! In the meantime, check out my blog post with some pretty epic New England location ideas!)
  • Do you want a party afterward and where will that be?
  • Will it be just the two of you or a handful of close family and friends?
  • What’s the vibe? Outdoorsy, adventurous, boho-chic, romantic? All of the above??

Step 2: What’s In Your Wallet?

Even if you decide to have a ceremony in the middle of nowhere, there’s still some costs. Give some thought to a few things like:

  • Professional hair and makeup
  • Dress/attire
  • Location fees
  • Food/drink
  • Photographer (Please, please, please hire a professional photographer to catch all those magical moments!)
  • Flowers
  • Any travel expenses

You may want some or all of these things, and they don’t all have to cost a ton of money! Thinking of it ahead of time will let you relax and make your day effortless.

Step 3: Details, Details

So if it’s just the two of you in the wilderness or on a beach, what’s there to think about? First, in order for your union to be all legal and official, get that paperwork out of the way well in advance. Apply for your marriage license so it’s one less thing to worry about later. Oh, and that perfect dress you found? It’s gorgeous and just right for your mountain top ceremony. But! Are you hiking? Then make sure you have the right attire and shoes to get to where you need to be. If it’s cold, make sure you have that extra coat and hand warmers! Alternatively, if you’re sweating it out on the beach, a towel, and pressed powder and blotting paper can go a long way to combat that — shall we call it — “extra glow?”

Step 4: Breathe

Friends, let’s remember what this day is about: capturing your spirit and those authentic moments. This is your day. I’m just your expert guide along the way, making this journey an effortless experience.

Catherine & Anees get married!

Catherine reached out after seeing the images I had taken of another couple at Bash Bish Falls last March. We discussed her vision for an elopement and decided to meet in the parking lot at 7am on a Monday morning to take advantage of that magical morning sunlight (and NO crowds)!

Catherine and Anees joked about the details of their relationship not always going as planned and said it’s sort of just “them”, so they were not surprised when we learned the entire pathway to get to the falls was sheer ice! Listen, I’m always game for an adventure so I had no problem doing the penguin walk along that icy pathway to get to our location. Hahaha! I’m such a nerd, I love this kind of stuff!

Once at the falls, it was utterly freezing with cold blasts of air coming off the falls. Again, Catherine and Anees took it in stride and just laughed it off. They said, let’s do this! and the rest is history!

Let’s be honest, things will not always go as planned, but it’s all in the way you handle it. If you can laugh things off and still stay focused on what’s truly important, nothing can get in the way of that. For me, I love that these are the quirky little details that make up their day. They are unique to them. And having a story to tell about your wedding day that is unique to you is absolutely priceless.

Here are a few of my favorites from Catherine & Anees’ Bash Bish Falls winter elopement!

Bash Bish Falls signage
Frozen Bash Bish Falls behind elopement couple
Couple exchanging vows

Ready to tell your story? It could be a Bash Bish Falls winter elopement or anywhere you can dream up! Contact me HERE.