Harkness Memorial Park Engagement | Ryan & Nicole

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Harkness Memorial Park, but it was the perfect location for Ryan & Nicole’s engagement (check out Brittany & Cody’s engagement from 2021)!

I love working with couples that enjoy the same things I do. You know how you meet people and you just vibe with them? That’s Ryan & Nicole. They are outdoorsy, love the beach and the mountains, but also they are laid back and trusted me as their photographer. It’s like the recipe for greatness!

They chose Harkness Memorial Park for their engagement because of the beach element. But also, this location has so much more! Gardens, views, fields, flowers, sand – all the things! It’s such an amazing outdoor location with lots variety. One of my other favorite things about Harkness is the sunsets!

What to Wear

Most of my couples wear one to two different outfits. I usually suggest a dressier outfit and one a bit more casual. Since the session is only typically an hour long, I don’t suggest any more outfits than that. You don’t want to spend more time changing than actually taking photos. ?

When choosing your outfits, be sure to try everything on and make sure you are comfortable in what you’re wearing. Feeling comfortable AND confident will show in your photos! Check out my Pinterest Board – What to Wear for an Engagement Session for outfit ideas!

Most patterns are actually ok, however, graphics/text on clothing are not favorable for portraits. If you’re wearing a pattern, make sure it’s not overwhelming or distracting. And make sure you do not clash with your partner if they are wearing a pattern as well.
I’m a HUGE fan of color, so any colors look great on camera. There aren’t any specific colors that I’d recommend over another… anything color is ok in my world! However, your outfit colors should not match, but coordinate instead. Complimenting one another in the same tones is beneficial.

Keep the Season in Mind

If it’s cold out, dress appropriately. If you’re cold, you are going to look cold (and uncomfortable) in your photos – which is not ideal. You can always bring a cute blanket to snuggle up in for photos! The same goes for when it’s hot – dress for the weather!

Posing during your Session

Relax! You don’t have to be a pro at this! Be yourself, laugh, and have fun! I’m going to help and direct you along the way and it’s going to be a blast! The more you enjoy yourselves and are naturally affectionate with one another, the better your images will be!

Here are some of my favs from Ryan & Nicole’s Harkness Memorial Park Engagement!

Couples are my jam! CONTACT ME if you want to plan your engagement or couples session!


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