Planning a Surprise Proposal in New England

I have photographed a surprise proposal before, but this was the first time that the other person did not know I would be there! The planning was definitely a joint effort between Chris and I. When he first reached out, he was planning on proposing on a different date and at a different location. But after some back and forth, and some careful consideration on both our parts, he decided on an early morning proposal at this amazingly secluded waterfall in NY. Neither of us had ever been there, so we relied solely on Google and Instagram to help us with our planning efforts.

Choosing the right location

Chris and Jenni are outdoorsy people, so Chris knew he wanted a waterfall as a backdrop for his proposal to Jenni. His original choice of location was Bash Bish Falls, which is where I photographed Barbara & Anthony’s elopement, but since then the state park has blocked off the path down to the falls with barriers and bright orange cones. Womp Womp. So the search for a new location began!

Chris found this awesome waterfall in NY and we agreed to go for it!


Chris and I chatted over the phone beforehand to figure out our game plan for his surprise proposal. We agreed that we would get there early to avoid other people as much as possible and that I would try to blend in and look like another random tourist/photographer just enjoying the views of the waterfall. I asked one of my mom friends to tag along with me to make it look even more believable.

And guess what? It worked! Jenni had NO idea that I was there to photograph this moment! She was totally caught off guard!

Jenni likes to look for geodes so Chris made his own to put the ring inside!

All the emotions!!

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning! Congratulations Chris & Jenni!! Thank you for being such cool & down to earth people to work with!

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