Miss A’s Wet T Boudoir Session

Miss A’s wet T boudoir session was a blast! Sometimes ya just gotta do something DIFFERENT!

The shirt may have been wet but these photos are fire! There’s just something about adding water to a boudoir session that makes things EXTRA steamy. Am I right??!!

I am constantly thinking of different ideas for boudoir sessions. I like to mix things up often and try new things. Plus, I had such a blast doing River Minis and last summer’s “Hot Girl Summer” theme, that I couldn’t wait several more months to do it again.

It’s Time to Get Wet!

There’s something so fun about a wet T-shirt theme…it’s simple, sexy and kind of brings back the nostalgia of the old school MTV’s Spring Break (I’m dating myself here).

We tried two different types of shirts for Miss A’s session. One was more fitted, textured and a heavier fabric. The other was loose and a little bit more see-through when wet. I think I’m digging the more loose fitting tops (like this one) because I’m able to have my clients GRAB and STRETCH the fabric, which is totally HOT! Plus, I love how this particular fabric clings to her curves.

Wowzers!! This mom of 4 NAILED it! Check out some of the magic from her session…

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