Finding the Right New England Elopement Location

Need help finding the right New England elopement location? You’re in the right spot!

When trying to find the right location for your elopement, there are a few things that you should consider.

  1. Is there a place that is meaningful to your relationship?
  2. Do you have a favorite activity that you like to do together?
  3. Have a general idea/vibe in mind, but no specific location – ask your photographer!
  4. Decide what the best time of year is for your chosen location.

Here are some ideas to help you create the elopement vibe you are trying to achieve!

Woodsy Waterfalls

Ever heard that saying “less is more”? Well, it’s totally applicable to elopements too. I feel like a good amount of my elopement couples opt to keep things super simple with no added frills. Typically it’s just them and me, maybe a guest or two, out in the middle of the woods and/or maybe in front of a waterfall. If you just love being outdoors in nature (like me!), sometimes all you need is a beautiful and unique location to keep the focus solely on the two of you.

With some proper planning, a woodsy New England elopement could happen any time of year!

Check out Catherine & Anees‘ (Winter) and Barbara & Anthony‘s (Spring) elopements at Bash Bish Falls.

Beachy Vibes

Coastal living more your thing? Can’t blame you — there’s something about the water and waves, whether the backdrop is a sandy beach or rocky New England coastline. Here, your elopement can be as relaxed or as elegant as you want! The best part about a coastal elopement is that anything goes: short dress or long, flip flop/sandals or barefoot. It’s your day to decide!

Check out Abigail & Andrew‘s intimate Cape Cod wedding and this Acadia National Park winter elopement idea!

Mountain Top High

What’s better than being surrounded by just your close friends and family and some amazing mountain views?!

Mountainous elopements lend themselves to a sense of total privacy. It’s just the right amount of seclusion from civilization so you can be completely at one with the land and the sky, with just you and your party in between.

Check out Brooke & Anthony‘s intimate New Hampshire wedding and Norah & Alex‘s Vermont winter elopement.

Backyard Elopement

Sometimes the most meaningful location is right in your very own backyard!

Check out Mackenzie & Chris, Rachel & Dan, or Allison & Sebastian‘s intimate backyard weddings.

Feeling Adventurous

Got a sense of adventure? Then, literally, the sky is your limit! Let’s say you want to combine some sense of adventure with one of the other elopement location ideas: your elopement could be a destination wedding. It could be an intimate ceremony that is an adventure to get to. Think private island via boat or a hike to getting married at the summit of a mountain (sign me up for either!).


Wherever you choose to have your elopement, think about where you and your future spouse love the most. There are so many awesome locations to choose from! Think about where you both connect most and you’ll settle on the perfect place that is special and unique to you both.

Need more help with specific New England elopement location ideas? I’m here to help. Contact me HERE.


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