What to Wear | Maternity Sessions

August 15, 2022

Are you planning a Maternity Session and have no idea what to wear?? Don’t worry, I got you! This blog has everything you need to know about the two types of Maternity sessions I offer and what to wear for them!

Maternity Session Styles

There are two styles of Maternity sessions that I offer – Outdoor and then a more intimate boudoir type setting. Each having it’s own options for wardrobe. They can also cross-over a bit depending on what you want out of your shoot, the time of year and also how comfortable you feel! You can check out a recent Maternity boudoir session HERE.

So What to Wear?

Welp, there are LOTS of options out there. But I think the most important thing is to choose pieces that show off that bump! That means whatever you wear should be fitted to your curves. I have a couple of my own kids, so believe me, I get that you may not feel your best as you start rounding the corner to your third trimester. But Pregnancy brings out some beautiful curves that should be celebrated! It is literally the embodiment of femininity.

Long, fitted gowns are gorgeous for outdoor maternity sessions. Especially during my favorite time of day – “Golden Hour”!

I’ve had good luck with gowns from this brand on Amazon. Which are reasonably priced!

I’m always happy to get some of those bare belly shots outdoors as well!

For indoor maternity sessions, the mood feels a bit more romantic. Lacey bra & panties and flowy robes are my go-to!

But that’s not to say jeans can’t be fun too!

AMP Client Closet

Did you know another benefit of working with Alison Marie Photography is the AMP Client Closet! I keep a variety of items in my closet. All different sizes and for any and all body types. If you have your own outfits, great! But you also have the option of using one of mine!

Ready to explore the AMP client closet? I can’t wait to chat! Contact me HERE.